To vax or not to vax...

Stick to... science.

We all have our Covid stories and experiences, so I’ll keep this short. But mine is that my family couldn’t make it all of SIX freaking days before a kid in my son’s preschool class tested positive for Covid and has the school shut down (and my family quarantined). for the next week. As I’m writing this, I don’t know whether or not my family and I have Covid — and that includes my unable-to-be-vaccinated son (who was a direct contact) that has pre-existing conditions and typically gets respiratory stuff pretty bad. I don’t say that to be dramatic (we probably don’t have Covid and we’ll probably be fine if we do). I say that because we’re over 18 months into this bullshit and I’m beyond sick of it.

I remember watching something on Axios about the development of the vaccines about a year ago and feeling such hope that we were close to getting out of this. A year later — I think I feel even worse about things than I did last year at this time. At least then we had hope. At this point, I’m starting to think this is going to be the world we live in for the foreseeable future.

I’m not here to vax-shame anyone. That’s counter-productive.

But I am here to try and convince you to take one for the team (or even just yourself) and get the vaccine.

(Sidenote: I waffled on making the subtitle of this “Stick to… science” because it’s about as cringeworthy as this nonsense that almost makes me want to give the vaccine back. But I also think it’s the most fitting thing I can say here, so I’m…well…sticking with it)

You have concerns? Totally understandable.

Let’s try to address them…

We don’t know the long-term effects of the vaccine!

We absolutely do not. You’re right. That’s what happens with a virus that’s only been around for just under two years and a vaccine that’s only been around for just under a year.

That said — we know the short-term effects of Covid. And we’ve seen some of the long-term effects on some people.

I’ll pass on both of those, thank you very much.

I’ve read the immunity from having had Covid is better than the immunity from the vaccine.

That’s true! You’re absolutely right.

The problem with that approach is you have to get Covid first.

And I don’t want to get Covid. Neither should you.

I don’t trust the government and big Pharma.

Me either! I’m right there with you! I get it — Trump, Biden, Fauci, the FDA, the CDC, and on and on and on have been wrong about a LOT of things as this pandemic has progressed.

But I trust bloodsucking medical companies that don’t want to kill people and get sued. And I’d be worried if all the rich and powerful people weren’t getting vaccinated, but those bastards were first in line.

Also, this is a great thread worth reading for liberals who get off on vax-shaming people:

This is a free country. I can make my own choices.

Totally agree. You can do whatever you want. It’s your body. And you should take care of that body by getting vaccinated!

That said, I’m never going to say we should be going door-to-door giving people shots (and the “mandate” topic probably deserves its own post so I’m not going to go down that rabbit hole).

But with freedom of choice comes the consequences of those choices. You live in a society and whether you like it or not, your choices are affecting the rest of us (and let’s be honest, they’re going to affect you too).

I’m not sure when the concept of freedom became “I can do whatever the hell I want”. But that’s not what freedom is. (Again, probably a topic that deserves its own post).

They just want to control us and this is yet another way.

They already control us. Have for a long time. Sucks, but that has nothing to do with a Covid vaccine.

Scientists keep changing their minds about Covid.

They do. And that’s literally what science is.

It’s not like math where 2+2 will always equal 4.

Science is a living, breathing thing where we collect new evidence and data. Analyze that data. And sometimes change our conclusions based on that evidence and data.

I know the waffling can be frustrating (and again, Fauci and others have made some dumb mistakes). But frankly, I’d be concerned if the information we’ve been getting about a NOVEL coronavirus wasn’t changing.

I’ll totally admit that performative and hypocritical bullshit like this adds fuel to the fire:

But we can’t make personal health decisions based on how Hollywood elites are hypocrites. Those are two different topics.

Covid has a 99% survival rate.

This is not the point you think you’re making. That’s basically saying you’re ok with 3.3 million Americans dying of Covid. And if you’re ok with that — I don’t know what to say.

Would you fly on a plane that has a 1% chance of crashing?

I’ve flown on a plane more than 100 times in my life, so I’d be dead right now if that was the model we all operated on.

I’m healthy! I’m young! I’m not worried about getting Covid.

I know more than a few healthy/young people who have gotten Covid and gotten pretty sick. Three of them are “long-haulers” and one of them is a former marathoner who still can’t run more than a few miles at a time a full year later. Three isn’t a huge number, but I don’t know THAT many people.

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mRNA is new technology.

No, it’s not. They’ve been testing it for over 20 years. The NOVEL coronavirus is new, so the vaccine for it is therefore new. But mRNA? technology isn’t.

We don’t know what’s in the vaccine.

Do you know what’s in 95% of the stuff you put in your body? I sure don’t.

You don’t have measles or mumps or polio. There’s a reason for that.

You can still get and spread Covid when you’re vaccinated. The vaccines don’t work.

The first sentence is absolutely true! But that’s a false equivalency and a very misleading (and dangerous) statement.

The second statement is just weird. No one said vaccines are 100% ironclad.

Your odds of A. getting Covid, and B. getting really sick when vaccinated are MUCH MUCH less than if you’re unvaccinated.

Don’t believe me? A picture (ok, graphs) are worth a thousand words…

There are alternative treatments. I’d rather try those.

Look. The horse dewormer stuff is a weird media-driven dunk. Invermectin has won a Nobel prize and is used to treat viral infections by real doctors. That said, there isn’t any more research that proves it more (or as) effective as the vaccines. They’re also two different things in terms of a preventative technique vs. a treatment.

And lastly, people who are buying actual horse dewormer from animal supply stores and taking that (talk about not knowing what’s in something) are idiots.

I did my own research online. Vaccines don’t work.

No offense here, but are you a doctor? An infectious disease expert? Do you have any scientific training at all?

Cool. Me neither.

We’re all getting pumped to the gills with misinformation (from all sides), so let’s not pretend you know more than anyone else here because you watched a TikTok video or read some cutting-edge research on

So in summary, please get the vaccine.


  • For your own health

  • For your family’s health

  • For other peoples’ health

  • Because Covid is not going away.

So do yourself a favor and get the vaccine.


I’d love to buy you (yes, you!) a drink in person when all this nonsense is done. And I’m not doing that if you’re not vaccinated.

As usual, let’s end with a song.

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